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9Round Kickbox Fitness Louetta
10220 Louetta Rd 600
HoustonTX 77070
 (713) 510-1300
9Round Kickbox Fitness Louetta  |  10220 Louetta Rd HoustonTX77070  |  

Reviews Of 9Round Kickbox Fitness Louetta

4.96 67 Reviews
Ashley Zbranek
Mar 13, 2018

Brian Hendricks
Mar 13, 2018

Great place. I don't feel intimidated at all. Trainers are real attentive to your needs and are always willing to help.

Duane Thomas
Mar 13, 2018

Great trainers, amazing owners, and simply the best way to get into shape quickly. There is nothing else like it that sets you up to achieve your goals.

Susan Cline
Mar 09, 2018

I love 9 Round! Love being able to drop in, get in a quick, great workout, and get on with my day. It's efficient, and the way it changes every day and keeps moving is awesome!

Liseth Garcia-Hernandez
Feb 22, 2018

Love it! I don’t like the regular exercise routine and this has made it much more enjoyable. I do recommend it, it’s great for people that are too busy, it’s only a 30 minute work but it will do the work.

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